Escort in Ho Chi Minh City

Woman’s touch massage therapy for your spiritual awakening. A 60-minute full body massage session includes a 20 minutes massage by feet. For everyone who appreciates the beauty of the feet. I am happy to offer this transcend experience that will help to elevate your current state of being.

I am a sensual southern curvy escort in Ho Chi Minh City with fair alabaster skin, so soft and creamy, as well as a smile that cant be resisted. ​I was raised by a burlesque dancer; my grandparents owned burlesque houses. I grew up in a sex positive home and albums filled with black/white and vintage colored pics of half naked and nude women posed with fur, tassels, and see through robes.

I enjoy trying new things and exploring what’s around me, including you. I am a wanderer at heart. I am fond of cocktail lounges and speakeasies, museums, musicals and live music, board games and puzzles, attempts at golf, indoor plants, science fiction, comedy, and cats.

I am a whiskey connoisseur. Whenever I travel I make it a point to visit craft distilleries. Collecting and tasting whiskey is a hobby of mine. I would love to share in this with you if you are also a fan.